Retirement Coaching

Most people spend more time planning their next vacation than they do considering the true impact retirement will have on virtually every aspect of their life.


Baby boomers are living a more active retirement lifestyle than their parents ever dreamed of. AARP reported in 2004 that 79% of Boomers plan to work in some capacity during their retirement years.


Living out your dreams while incorporating your passions, talents, skills, values and experiences will dramatically enhance the retirement phase of your career lifecycle.


An active retirement successfully integrates all facets of your life into a meaningful and dynamic whole. Ark Career Coaching works with Baby Boomers to leverage their strengths to create a vision and plan to establish a fulfilling retirement.


We guide you to evaluate the non-financial aspect of retirement.

  • How will you spend your time?
  • Will you work? How/when/where?
  • What contribution will you make with your free time & how?
  • How your beliefs about money might sabotage your retirement
  • Where will you live? What new projects will you begin?
  • Are you emotionally prepared for the transition?
  • How will your relationships change when you retire?
  • Who are you apart from your job?
  • What does aging mean and how can you do it well?
  • What will you do if your health changes?

Creating a vision of your active retirement will enable you to move forward
with a plan that will increase your sense of well-being and personal fulfillment
while identifying and unleashing the passion in your life!

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Visit our
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to sign up for teleseminars, download free reports, and listen to audio interviews.

“I met with Lisa when I was between jobs and looking to define a new career path. Lisa asks excellent questions, she is insightful and encouraging. Lisa is the ultimate professional” M.S.

"The best part about the sessions was that I felt I was talking to a friend, but at the same time my guidance. I enjoyed feeling open and ready to share ideas without being shot down or discouraged. I liked the fact that there was always something positive to be said, even if I had something negative to say or complain about. It turned my mood around and helped me see alternate options more quickly than I usually do.” C.L.


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