Student Coaching

Ark Career Coaching encourages students to use their strengths as they build their future.

Most students spend a majority of their time taking tests, working to make honor roll and building their academic resume. Students rarely take time to reflect upon their passions, strengths, skills, natural talents, interests and personal definition of success.


Setting goals establishes a foundation for building a solid and satisfying future. It also puts the student ahead of their peers when they create action plans, develop confidence and feel some control over their future. We help students create a vision of their desired future that incorporates their successes, strengths, values and experiences.


Strategies and exercises help students work toward developing and achieving their goals. Coaching helps students learn how to:

  • Become leaders
  • Enjoy the school selection process
  • Select a major
  • Impress interviewers
  • Manage time and set priorities
  • Maximize their school experience
  • Try new things that will help them develop their strengths
  • Create a plan of action to achieve their dreams


School Selection

We support students and give them the tools to take control of the school selection process. We don’t identify specific schools, we encourage students to identify:

  • What they want to achieve through the school experience
  • Their desired teaching style, classroom environment and social outlets
  • How to understand, develop and communicate their strengths
  • What makes them special
  • Educational goals

Here's a great article regarding choosing the right college as published on Click here


Establishing Career Direction

Today, the average young person will hold more than ten jobs and will have several career transitions in their lifetime. Ark Career Coaching has strategies, exercises and tools designed to motivate students and help them understand and embrace their strengths.


We collaborate with students to create professional goals and establish action plans to achieve them. The coach provides support, structure and feedback designed to encourage the student to leverage their strengths as they set the course for their future.

Knowing that
Skills + Talents = Strengths
Strengths + Passion = Success
Will enable today’s young adults
to successfully navigate
their future job transitions.


Leadership Coaching

Most students want to become active leaders both in school and throughout their adult life. Coaching creates a strong understanding of the characteristics of a leader. Leaders know how to integrate their values, strengths and passions to achieve success.


Ark Career Coaching works with young adults to understand and utilize:

  • The power of positive thinking
  • Self affirmation
  • Listening skills
  • Gaining consensus
  • Teamwork
  • Conflict management
  • Goal setting
  • Strength development
  • Action plans to achieve success


Ark Career Coaching believes that young adults are our future.
Developing confident leaders is essential.
Coaching helps students become confident leaders
who will be equipped to become contributing members
of their community, workplace and family.

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“I met with Lisa when I was between jobs and looking to define a new career path. Lisa asks excellent questions, she is insightful and encouraging. Lisa is the ultimate professional” M.S.

"The best part about the sessions was that I felt I was talking to a friend, but at the same time my guidance. I enjoyed feeling open and ready to share ideas without being shot down or discouraged. I liked the fact that there was always something positive to be said, even if I had something negative to say or complain about. It turned my mood around and helped me see alternate options more quickly than I usually do.” C.L.


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